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Name:Vidding Newsletter
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Community description:weekly newsletter about all things vidding

Vidding News is, as the name suggests, a weekly (maybe) newsletter about all things vidding.

It was totally not started on a whim.

It will generally follow the same style as all the other weekly/monthly newsletters that used to be more frequent back in the day but are hopefully making a comeback.

While the aim is to currently post on a weekly basis (on either Saturday or Sunday), the frequency may change once I get a better understanding on how much news there is.

The newsletter will cover vidding related topics such as upcoming dates, new communities, new challenges, events, meta, discussions, resources and any other vidding related news (aside from individual vid posts or recs). Links will be accepted from any media platform but must be publicly available.

At this time the newsletter will not be accepting individual announcements of your new vid or vid rec posts as they will likely overwhelm the newsletter. If any are submitted, they will simply be ignored.

The newsletter will also be relying on user submitted news as the Editor does not have the time to source all the links themselves. Please feel free to submit as many vidding related items as you like. The more items submitted, the better the newsletter will be.


For more information about what links are accepted and general editorial policies, please click the above link.

If you would like your link removed, please email

The Newsletter will live on Dreamwidth but it will be automatically cross-posted to Tumblr. If there is another social network that you would like it cross-posted to, please leave a suggestion here.

This community was created and is currently being run by [personal profile] mithborien.

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